Brand Risk Management

Image of rake representing the risk of an attack to a brand
Will your brand survive a multi pronged attack?

We live in an age where unsubstantiated news about brands can spread in real time throughout all forms of media. Generally the impact to unfavourable news is exponentially higher than the benefit derived from favourable news. Just ask any of the various stakeholders in Bell Pottinger, McKinsey, KPMG, Tiger Brands and EOH on having to try continue operating in a very negative business environment towards their brands. KPMG's "relatively" small compromise in ethics by 1 or 2 individuals in one business unit at one office blew up to proportions where firstly clients and then key professionals started leaving the "brand" despite not having any problems with service they received from a totally different business unit. KPMG has since closed most satellite offices around the country, retrenched hundreds and will need to spend millions and years to rebuild trust in their brand.

The scary thing is very few companies have actually sat down to identify which aspects of t