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F o r e s t B o t a n i c s

Herbal Nappy Rash Cream

This highly nurtured, tried-and-tested organic nappy rash cream is the brain-child of one mother's belief that natural remedies might just be the answer to the age-old pains of a nappy rash. After repeated disappointments with products of large well-known pharmaceutical brands, she endeavoured on a journey of discovery, and in turn reconnected with the healing properties of nature. The result is a simple, natural, earth-friendly product that provides babies with the perfect remedy for that dreaded rash.

Designer: Mari Scheepers

In recognition of the products roots and with reference to the ingredients, this design solution is an illustrative and artistic collage of natural elements in variety of hues. The Forest Botanics “Jumping Fox” brand mark speaks to the playfulness of children, as well as the exuberance of mother nature when it thrives.

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