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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Consistent growth of a brand is achieved by positioning it in a manner that guides the business strategy in conjunction with the brand. This is achieved by developing a carefully-conceived Brand Strategy that reflects and supports the underlying Business Strategy. In doing so, we can differentiate a brand from its competitors in a manner that resonates with customers, whilst energizing and inspiring the best from employees and other stakeholders.


At Coppercoast we understand that no business is identical. In a highly competitive and ever-changing world, the need for a bespoke strategic service  that empowers your business strategy is imperative.


Our Brand Strategy services include:

  • Research and evaluation of the competitive landscape as it relates to brand, product, or service

  • Distillation of research outcomes into workable data with insights and recommendations

  • Strategic planning in order to best position a brand, product, or service based on research data

  • Formulating a comprehensive brand strategy on which to direct and measure all future brand functions.

Brand Risk Management


In the age of social media, the speed at which positive or negative news becomes viral is rapid and unrelenting. The ability to plan for and react to potentially sensitive trigger points is of utmost importance in the moments that may create or destroy even the strongest of brands.

As most large corporates strive to meet the requirements for “Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)” by implementing processes to identify and report on organizational risks, Brand and Reputational Risk Management is largely over-looked. As a result, very few organisations know how to deal with this new reality, instead opting to report it as a consequence of operational or other business failures. This ultimately leaves an organisation with a very limited understanding of the risks facing one of its biggest assets.

At CopperCoast we have an in-house ERM specialist to assist organisations in facilitating Brand Risk Management workshops specifically aimed at identifying and quantifying inherent brand risks, assessing control measures and quantifying residual risk. The outcomes and insights gained are then used to guide risk appetite and inform future decisions making.

Other related services we offer include:

  • Brand Management Control Audits

  • Brand Application Audits

  • Brand Reputation Management

  • Brand Perception Surveys

Brand Identity

As an agency strongly rooted in design thinking and execution, CopperCoast delivers expertly crafted brands. With thoughtful consideration for every moment in the brand journey, we shape meaningful multi-platform branding experiences.


Our Brand Identity Design services include:

  • Logo and Identity Design

  • Brand and Product Pay-off Lines

  • Corporate Stationery Design including Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes and more

  • Corporate Brand Guidelines/Controls: A comprehensive brand document communicating all aspects of the brand and its correct application.

Brand Communication

Brand Communication

Internal Communications – As the world moves towards a services and specialist skills economy the need to attract and retain the best skills within an organisation is paramount. Employee expectations of an organisation and what it represents is a key factor in where they choose to work.

An effective internal communication strategy that reinforces the brand vision and ethos has proven invaluable to companies who understand the importance of retaining the right employees within their organisations.


External Communications - This includes a wide range of services, from bespoke client engagements and direct-marketing campaigns to advertising and promotions. At Coppercoast we approach every brief as an opportunity to test the status quo. By understanding our clients individual needs, we aim to create memorable moments that resonate in the minds of the intended audience.


Annual Reports and Brochures - These documents are powerful tools with which to speak to a wide range of potential clients and shareholders. With creative consideration and a design-centred approach, brochures and annual reports are an integral part of any company’s communication output.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Product packaging and the impression it makes is a pivotal moment in the consumer decision making process. Whether it’s Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or high-end luxury products, how they are packaged is of the highest importance. Often the last hurdle in the marketing process, it can be the single most powerful affirmation of consumer choice, or a future defining opportunity lost.

Branded Environments

Branded Environments

The extension of a brand into the physical world, whether it is retail or corporate, is a powerful component of any integrated branding initiative. How a brand is expressed within it’s given environment is integral to the impact that it makes on customers and clients alike. Through a design-centred approach to every brand-related touchpoint, we assist clients in curating and shaping retail and corporate environments that are unique and memorable showcases for the services and products they offer. 


Our Branded Environments services include:


  • Signage and Wayfinding Design

  • Corporate Branded Interior Design

  • Retail Branded Interior Design

Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As the world embraces the digital era, so the demand for brands to create meaningful online experiences grows. With a deep understanding for brand consistency and how it translates into the digital medium, Coppercoast along with specialist partners, provide clients with a variety of web and mobile solutions that best suit their needs. Whether its traditional website development to mobile app development, our success is measured by considered and well executed User Experience (UX) Design.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As part of our in-house offering, we also assist clients in implementing thorough Search Engine Optimisation for their web or mobile environments. With on-going analytics and measurement reporting we are able to guide our clients in maximizing the marketing and branding potential of their online platforms.

Web Design & SEO

Video & Animation

Video and animation are great ways to reach audiences and engage them with your brand. As a design and branding agency, we take pride in our craft, elevating a brand from the initial concept phase to the print, packaging, and web phase. Now with video and animation, we are able to carry your brand into the moving image phase, and offer our clients a full creative solution.

Video & Animation
Events & Stands

Campaign Events & Exhibition Stands

As marketing opportunities expand in the ever-growing exhibition sector, brands are constantly in search of new and creative opportunities to engage potential clients and customers in what is ultimately a highly competitive category. Whether its an exhibition stand, open day, or unique branded event, how a brand or offering reaches its audience and the impression it makes is fundamental in how it is positioned alongside its competitors.


Coppercoast prides itself on developing exhibition stands and events that born out of conceptual, campaign driven narratives. The stories we tell are woven into the environments and experiences we create.

Pro Bono

From time to time we love paying it forward by giving back to our community. That’s because we believe that one of the best ways to inspire change is by helping others do what they do best. Here’s to all those who have decided to start where they are and do what they can with what they have. Keeping on keeping on!

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