I n v e s t e c

The Literary Society

In the world of investment banking, knowing your client is everything. In order to sustain meaningful, long-term client partnerships, banks are increasingly tailoring their marketing towards considered, well researched client interactions. These crafted moments speak to smaller, niche client interests in a manner that affirms the banks commitment to understanding each and every clients individuality, and in turn their expectations of their investment portfolios.

Designer: Paul Dale (Logo & Roll-out), Amanda Raath and Mari Scheepers (Roll-out)

The Literary Society is a uniquely crafted, by-invitation-only ‘club’, reserved for clients with a deep interest in the world of literature. The identity forms a visual double entendre, referencing the pages of a book as well as an open door to another world. Membership is accompanied by exclusive group events at major literary fairs, book club sessions with acclaimed authors, 1st edition autographed book copies, and host of other moments that would otherwise not be available to them. On joining, members receive various items including stationery in the form of a personalised ex-libris stamp to mark their own book collections, unique book marks, and a manifesto that speaks to the spirit of this society.