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Global Trading Platform

FNB’s Global Trading Platform, a first of its kind in South Africa, redefined what up to that point was a highly regulated and restricted trading environment. With a carefully crafted direct-mail campaign, clients are introduced to the remarkable ease with which trading of global shares can now be executed.


This communication piece draws from the world of global travel, to work as a metaphor for where your investments can go. Each client receives an authentically designed passport and ticket, serving as their invitation to make the journey. Information pertaining to the product is cleverly worked into the layout of the ticket.

Designer: Paul Dale

As a final touch, clients are also given a beautifully printed and highly detailed A1 map of the world. Using the finest uncoated stock, combined with subtle metallic inks and crafted detail, these maps are destined to be framed and hung. In order to ensure an appreciation for these items, the maps did not carry the FNB brand. Instead, each included a small KEY marking the worlds 20 largest Stock Exchanges.

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