The Value of Professional Staff Photos

The importance of professional staff photos is often overlooked and for some businesses it's simply an unnecessary expense. The truth is a good photo can change someone's perception of an individual/business, make you look capable, approachable or even trustworthy. Not to say you aren't all those things, but a poor photo definitely does not put your best foot forward. Coppercoast is primarily a brand design agency so we regularly come across clients where one of their biggest downfalls in corporate branding is to have a professional looking brochure only to be accompanied with bad product or staff photos. This definitely impacts on the aesthetic of the whole brand.

Most clients will send us photos taken on their mobile phones and while some of the new smart phones are capable of taking great quality images, there are still major limiting factors when taking this approach. Photographers study for years mastering their craft, and most clients aren't aware of what goes into producing a quality portrait photo, and why would they be, we don't have time to master everything.

It's one small detail that can have a big effect on how people see you or your business

Here are some of the things a professional photographer will consider when taking portraits:

  • Composition - how much of the person are we seeing